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Proclaiming to the world that it is time to get back into the game of life and go after your dreams.

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My desire when I was young was to become a fashion designer, I loved everything regarding fashion, the colors, texture and design was everything to me. My dream was to attend this fashion school in Atlanta, but my family told me they could not afford to send me so that dream died a little bit in me, but then I shared my desire with someone I really cared about and I was laughed at and told I would never make any money in that industry so the desire died completely because I valued their opinion over my own and I allowed it to break my spirit.

From here I learned to just fit in with the norm and not go after want I really desired in my heart. All my life I have always put others first, by living this way it caused me to be last and to forget about my dreams. Giving up my dreams to raise my sister’s children so that they would be safe and happy was so easy for me to do because this is who I am. So, I started a cleaning business because I am a neat freak and I always want things to look beautiful in its place and then I started a daycare center so the kids would have a place to go before and after school and then I expanded the daycare center into one of our malls in Ohio. I ran the cleaning service for over twenty years and the day care center twelve years, it made me happy to provide jobs through my businesses for people and their families, but something was missing I was just existing to make a life for our family and I felt empty.

So, in the mist of running these businesses and driving all over the USA so that the kids could compete in sports, acting gigs and modeling opportunities, the kids were growing up and leaving for school one by one and I was stuck with not knowing who am was without them and sad because I was not doing what I really wanted to do.

Now who is Phee? Phee is crazy creative and an entrepreneur to the bone. God has always been first in her life and has loved his word since she was a child.
Still love fashion and trying to get my groove back with what works for me and I am finally ready to live for myself and not care about what others think about it, I am free to be me I was afraid before but now I am ready.